We support the Animal Welfare law

Originally published on Hummus For Thought on February 2nd 2012.

HummusForThought.com supports The Animal Welfare Law

Dear Joey,

You certainly featured the work of Animals Lebanon on your website, and I am writing to see if there is a possibility for Hummusforthought.com to support our campaign to enact animal welfare laws.

November 24 was an extremely significant day for animals and Animals
Lebanon. We formally presented the first copy of our draft animal welfare
and protection law to the Minister of Agriculture and all  Parliamentarians,
the result of two years of work. The launching conference was a huge success
bringing together NGO and media partners, business and society figures, and
Animals Lebanon supporters.

There is a long process ahead of us, but will continue to lobby tirelessly
to ensure this draft is never forgotten or put to the side. Once enacted
this law can drastically improve the condition of animals as well as bring
major economic, social and health benefits. Our collaboration with the
Ministry of Agriculture continues and we are also meeting with
Parliamentarians and key government officials to make sure they support this
draft and the campaign.

To make this campaign successful we need every ones support, Animals Lebanon
initiated this campaign but we now need to turn it into a national cause.
Please log on to animalslebanon.org/law to see how we are asking people to
support the campaign.

While we are open to any suggestions, I would like to know if it would be
possible to include our ads or widget on the hummusforthought website for a month or two, and if possible a short article about the campaign. The widget can be found at –  <http://www.animalslebanon.org/law/take-action>
http://www.animalslebanon.org/law/take-action – and  ads meeting google
specifications are attached.

We have rescued thousands of animals since Animals Lebanon was founded, but
this law has the potential to protect all animals now and for the years
to come.

Karin Hadadian