My name is Joey Ayoub. I sometimes go by Joey Husseini-Ayoub to include my mother’s family name, or use Ibn Baldwin as a pen name, which means son of (James) Baldwin in Arabic.

Originally from Mount Lebanon, Lebanon, I grew up in a Franco-Arab household with additional Palestinian, Italian, Argentinian and Swiss heritage – I am a citizen of Lebanon and Argentina. I would add a bit of British – Brit(ish) as Afua Hirsch puts it –  as that island was my home for four years. I used to be uncomfortable with the lack of a single coherent national identity, but now I’m glad I don’t have one.

I have been based in Geneva since the beginning of 2020 after living two years in Edinburgh (2017-2019) and two years in London (2015-2017).

I enjoy writing, reading, traveling (by land/sea whenever possible, as I’m uncomfortable with the environmental impact of planes), learning languages, watching movies/documentaries/series/anime, taking photos and pretending to know how to cook. I’m also an expert in Flipology, which is the study of my dog Flip.

Social media: I am only available on Twitter @joeyayoub and, for the podcast, @firethesetimes. However, I am not very active anymore so please don’t rely on these to contact me.

I am most easily reachable at the following address:

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