Photographs of the 2011 Lebanese Laique Pride

Originally published on Hummus For Thought on May 5th 2012.

Join us tomorrow as we take the streets shouting our 6 demands:

1- Enacting a unified Civil Code for the Personal Status Law.

2- Passing the Law for Protection of Women from Family Violence submitted by KAFA to the Lebanese parliament. We denounce the parliamentary committee distortions to the law draft and demand the full adoption of Kafa’s original draft that included criminalizing marital rape.

3- Abolishing article 522 of the penal law, which drops charges against a rapist if he marries his victim.

4- Amending the nationality law for the full right of Lebanese women to grant their nationality to their children and spouses.

5- Passing the Draft Law Prohibiting the Pre-Censorship on Cinema and Theatre launched by Maharat Foundation and Marsad Al-Raqaba.

6- Withdrawing the draft law Lebanese Internet Regulation Act (LIRA) proposed by the Lebanese Ministry of Information.

All photographs were taken by myself. Anyone can use them for non-commercial purposes, just credit me please.

Photos available here: