What slavery looks like

Originally published on Hummus For Thought on December 2nd 2012.

This picture was uploaded on the Anti-Racism Movement’s Facebook page by Gary Lian. What more powerful reminder do we need? the conditions that migrant workers have to go through in Lebanon are horrific, barbaric and disgusting.

Here is the description:

“I took this picture today. It’s the building facing our own. This is how Lebanese treat their migrant workers. They make them stand on a dangerous window ledge and clean their windows. God forbid they have dirty windows to enjoy the bustling traffic. This is just a shame.”

This is not the first time I blog about this and I can keep on repeating this over and over again. The situation is catastrophic. Living like street dogs would perhaps be appealing to migrant (mainly) women who have to endure this humiliation. No human being deserves to be lowered to that level.

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