Seminars, Lectures and Panels

  • “The Yiddish-Hebrew Kulturkampf: Historical and Contemporary Implications”. Middle East History and Theory (MEHAT) Workshop, Uni. of Chicago, Chicago, USA — Lecture, May 2019
  • “A Baldwinian Reading of Lebanese-ness”. Northeast Modern Language Association (NemLA), Washington DC, USA — Lecture/Panel, March 2019
  • “The Lebanese Migration Experience: A Screening of ‘Zozo’”. Citizens, Nations and Migration (CNaM) Network, Uni. of Edinburgh, UK— Screening/Discussion, December 2018
  • “Minorities Beyond Ethnic and Religious Divides”. Heinrich Böll Stiftung Middle East, Beirut, Lebanon — Panel, November 2018
  • “Haunting and the Postwar Generation in Lebanese Cinema”. Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) Department, Uni. of Edinburgh, UK — Seminar, October 2018
  • “Critical Theory and Practice Panel on Syria”. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK — Discussion, April 2018
  • Shadow of a man? understanding masculinities in the MENA“. London School of Economics (LSE), London, UK— Lecture, January 2018
  • From Syria to Palestine: struggles against dictatorship, imperialism, and zionism
    Left Forum, Online – Panel, June 2017
  • The Syrian revolution: context and consequences“. University of Bologna and Mediateca Gateway, Bologna, Italy — Lecture, March 2017
  • “On Syria Stories Map Project”. Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK — Lecture, March 2017
  • “Social Media and Advocacy for Women’s Rights in the Arab World”. Womanity Foundation, Soul Cities and Oxfam, Amman, Jordan — Workshop, January 2014