Music Playlists

The following are playlists of songs I’ve put together.

Playlist #1: Who is this land for? هالأرض لمين؟

The playlist’s title is also the name of a song by Yousef Kekhia, a singer from Aleppo who’s now based in Berlin. It reminded me of Mahmoud Darwish’s على هذه الأرض (on this land). These songs touch upon, in one way or another, the question of the land.

  1. Hal Ard Lamin? – Yousef Kekhia
  2. Enough (بكفي عاد) – Maysa Daw

Playlist #2: Your Body of Theirs جسدكهم

  1. Your Body of Theirs (جسدكهم) – Maysa Daw/DAM

  1. Lamma Bada Yatathana – Lena Chamamyan
  2. Hal – Yasmine Hamdan
  3. Smek – Yuma
  4. Hinech Yafa – Light in Babylon